18-12-From HERE

The list of AFI's TV honorees for 2002, including what the jury said about each:

"The Believer" (Showtime)
Cast: Ryan Gosling, Summer Phoenix
Behind the Scenes: Henry Bean (writer, director)
Comment: "... proof that television can take the most difficult and disturbing of subject matters and bring them to a national audience with style and grace."

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I am however not sure if Summer is really in the ad, because on they don't say her name on the list of people who are in the ad, it is however a great ad :), you can see it under here

The Crazy Stripes
Men and Women

Media Player

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Summer is in the new GAP commercial on TV

Gap scarf commercial, different Indie stars singing "Love Train"


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Miami Jewish Film Fest

Dec. 7

• Hanukkah may only be eight crazy nights, but the Miami Jewish Film Festival has got nine -- because, hey, why the hell not? In its sixth year, the festival, which will feature 30 films, symposiums and director/producer-led panel discussions, opens 8 p.m. Saturday at Temple Emanu-El (1701 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) with a screening of the 1920 German expressionist film The Golem and Robots, an art
exhibit curated by Fred Snitzer. Other films scheduled to be screened during the festival are 'Unfair Competition' starring Summer Phoenix (River's sis), Taking Sides starring Harvey Keitel, Strange Fruit with Billie Holiday and Amy's Orgasm, a Sundance fave about a neurotic Jewish girl who frequents the confessional booth after she swears off men. Amy's Orgasm will be followed by a singles party after its Thursday (Dec. 12) night screening. Films will be shown at various Miami cinemas, for a complete schedule or to purchase tickets (mostly $8)
call 305-573-7304 or visit




06-12-Acclaimed "Esther Kahn" premieres at UWM, more HERE


12-11-Thanks to Felicity for this news :)

News about the movie Suzy Gold with Summer

The Sun (UK) has a report on a new cast member to the film, who's an ex pop group singer:,,4-2002521142,00.html

Rachel: Hollywood here I come

S CLUB babe RACHEL STEVENS has signed a six-figure deal to star in a £10million Hollywood movie.

The singer was in the middle of filming S Club’s fourth TV series, Viva S Club, in Barcelona when she received a call from director Ric Cantor.

She left her bandmates — JO O’MEARA, HANNAH SPEARITT, TINA BARRETT, JON LEE and BRADLEY McINTOSH — and jetted back to London for the shoot.

Suzie Gold tells the story of a young Jewish girl, played by Hollywood actress SUMMER PHOENIX, who breaks free from her traditional family and lands a job on a TV station.

In the film Rachel plays a demanding diva from a fictional pop group called M5.

Last night she rang to tell me: “Doing my scenes was great fun and I loved being on a movie set. I might play a diva but she is honestly nothing like me in real life.”

Rachel got on well with Summer, sister of tragic actor River Phoenix. She said: “Summer was lovely and very friendly.

“I still love singing but I definitely want to do more acting in the future.”

It has been a busy few weeks for the S Club star — her band release their new single, Alive, on Monday.
Suzie Gold is being made by Pathé Films on location in London and the Isle Of Man.

Summer’s appearance in it could help S Club achieve their dream of cracking the lucractive American market.

The band already have experience of working in the States, shooting their debut movie Seeing Double on the west coast.

The children’s flick is about a mad scientist who clones the band members as part of his evil plot.

Thankfully it’s only fiction


03-11-Sighthing Summer & Casey at the The British Independent Film Awards 2002

Summer was nominated for BEST SUPPORTING FEMALE  in The Believer, The Believer had a few nominations



Casey Affleck, star of the smash hit Ocean’s Eleven and the soon-to-be-released Gerry, offers an exclusive interview in the Fall 2002 Grrr!, PETA’s magazine for young animal rights activists. A hunk with heart, the actor racked up thousands of votes in PETA’s recent online Sexiest Vegetarian Contest. Casey not only oozes animal magnetism, he’s a great friend of animals and vocal about defending them.

Casey’s close-knit family completely accepts his compassionate lifestyle—the star says, "My family would be supportive if I wanted to be a Martian, wear only banana skins, and eat tree bark!" The heartthrob adores cats, saying, "We seem to connect well," and tells the happily-ever-after true tale of a dog rescued from abuse.

Casey is a vegan who eats just about anything animal-free. His favorites include tofu salad sandwiches, seitan fajitas, and penne arrabiata with olives and meatless sausage. When he’s dining out, you’ll most likely find him—among other stars—at New York’s Candle Café, which he insists is not only the best vegan restaurant in the world, but the best restaurant—period.

Casey calls fur-wearers "ignorant" and "loveless," and says he incorporates animal rights into his work by never working in a movie that uses animals. His lifelong dream of opening an animal sanctuary is becoming a reality, with help from his girlfriend, Summer Phoenix, and his older brother and fellow actor, Ben Affleck.

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PLACES: Candle Cafe (Manhattan)

New York — With a list of customers right out of People magazine, New York's Candle Café is about to expand its well-earned reputation. Casey Affleck and Kevin Nealon (Summer Phoenix) rave about PETA's choice for February's restaurant of the month, emphasizing that its secret recipe for success is healthy, vegan meals with indulgent

Purveyors Bart and Joy, who are on a first-name basis and friends with celebrities like Woody Harrelson and Peter Max, are committed to innovative animal-free cuisine, using only organic produce. Their famous following is a testament to their creativity. Brooke Shields insists, "It feels like home," while Tracy Chapman orders from her car "to beat the rush." Other regulars include Katie Couric, Bridget Fonda, Clint Black, and Howard Stern. Stern insists, "It cannot be good for you; it tastes too great." Favorites include their Seitan Piccata, chocolate-covered strawberries, and "very veggie" Green Goddess Shake.

The Candle Café is located at 1307 Third Ave., at 75th Street. For more information, please visit our Web site

*SIGHTING: Casey A. and Summer

October 27, 2002, Summer and Casey went to the premiere of "Morvern
Callar" on The Green Islington

London, England.


23-10-Summer Phoenix On Location for "Suzy Gold" in London
October 22, 2002 - Summer Phoenix London, UK You can see the pictures HERE

Thanks to KIKI from Joaqrophenia for the 7 bigger pictures from Suzy Gold :D


27-09-You can buy this at Ebay


You can see the pictures HERE


25-09-Summer sighting thanks to Kiki from Joaqrophenia

Stella's Shop Opening
September 24, 2002

IF there is one woman capable of getting stars from the worlds of
rock, fashion and Hollywood onto a karaoke stage, it's Stella McCartney.

The 31-year-old designer unveiled her brand new 4000 sq ft Manhattan
flagship, housing her ready-to-wear, shoe and accessories collections
at 429 West 14th Street, on Friday night.

And after guests had perused the super-stylish space (conceived by
Universal Design Studio, it features a pool that runs the length of the store
and walls of hand in-laid wood or hand-painted fabric), they hopped
across the road, grabbing a pretzel or two from the traditional New York-style
food carts on the way, to carry on partying in the Gas Light bar.

Not surprisingly, the A-list was out in force: Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv
Tyler, Bono, Summer Phoenix, Britney Spears, Usher and Tommy Hilfiger all
let their hair down, drinking an exclusive Absolute vodka mojito mix and eating
vegetarian food laid on by the Bond Street restaurant.

And between DJ Belinda's seriously hip disc-spinning, they almost
fought to get on the stage to perform their own renditions of recent smash
hits. Usher leapt up to sing his 2001 hit You Remind Me, before Gwyneth and Stella
teamed up on a version of Destiny's Child's All the Women

You can see the pictures HERE


24-09-Summer sighting thanks to Kiki from Joaqrophenia


September 22, 2002 -- The opening of Stella McCartney's slick
new storefront drew a star-gridlocked crowd to West 14th Street. And
just a few doors east, model Sophie Dahl was hosting a 23rd birthday
fete (yes, her grandpa was Roald Dahl, the world-famous children's
book author). At McCartney's namesake boutique, Liv Tyler, hair in a
tiny black topknot, had on a quilted black jacket with brightly
colored, messy-on-purpose embroidery. A similar coat on a rack in the
store was discreetly tagged to sell for $2,700. Nearby, Alicia
Silverstone carried a sandy Stella jacket with tan strings fraying
around the edges of the satin lapel. Against a far wall of the store,
a similar garment was going for $830. Meanwhile, Gwyneth Paltrow wore
a slimming black suit by Stella - but admitted that her hat was
by "Ralph." McCartney, wearing one of her own baggy black coat
dresses, was pushing the veggie dogs and tofu ice-cream sandwiches
served by street vendors. Summer Phoenix squirted loads of ketchup
and relish on her "dog," then laughed that the loaded-up wiener would
probably mess up her tan pants. Next to Phoenix, Marianne Faithfull
was wearing an $830 jacket by Stella, not unlike Silverstone's.
Sophie's soiree was a somewhat smaller affair. Keanu Reeves, with
requisite off-duty Hollywood stubble, stayed for cake but then zipped
out the door. Meanwhile, designer Zac Posen slouched in a corner with
a young female writer, while Dahl jumped wildly on the dance floor
to "One Way or Another"- along with scores of less well-known model


20-09-Summer sighting thanks to Kiki from Joaqrophenia

Summer & Casey were at the After Party for the new
movie "Secretary" in New York City Wed the 18th. You can see the pictures HERE


05-09-Summer Sighting, thanks to Kiki for this :)

Summer was at the Premiere of "'Igby Goes Down"

You can see the pictures of here at the premiere HERE


31-07-Thanks to Felicity for this news Summer in Venice Magazine


24-07-Summer and Rain are featured in the "fashion Police" section of this week's US Weekly...the people do insult them some though, thanks Kristina for this news


23-07-The Emmys 

The Laramie Project is nominated for 4 emmys

made for TV movie, writing in a madefor tv movie, directing in a made for TV movie, and casting in a made for TV movie


14-07-Sorry that I didn't update this site , I just became a godmother to my sister her child :) she is really sweet & cute :) so I don't have a lot of time at the moment


09-07-Good news maybe for people who couldn't see This Is Our Youth, thanks to Joaqrophenia for this news

INTERVWR: What are you currently working on and what plans do you
have for the rest of the year?

MATT D.: I plan to spend the next year doing as much writing as
directing. I'm writing the book for a musical, The Tinderbox, a
project I've been working on for four years now. There are plans for
Joe Egg with Eddie Izzard and Victoria Hamilton and **This Is Our
Youth with Matt Damon, Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix to transfer
to Broadway next spring.**

What do you consider your greatest achievement in theatre so far?
Producing any show at all is a great achievement. However it is a
source of great pleasure to me that Popcorn, Joe Egg, Up for Grabs
and This Is Our Youth have all been commercially successful and have
attracted both traditional theatregoers and a new and younger
audience. Being relevant and attractive to a new generation of
theatregoers seems to me to be one of the great challenges facing
British theatre at the moment.


06-07-Cast-mates Summer & Casey play cruel prank on Damon

Actor Matt Damon was left red-faced before the first matinee
performance of his London play when castmates teased him with a cruel prank. The "Good Will Hunting" star was sent out on stage for the first afternoon performance of "This Is Our Youth" at the British capital's Garrick Theatre, in which Damon performs alone for the first five minutes. But the actor was stunned to walk out at 3pm and find the auditorium empty. Unsure of what to do, and convinced that nobody had turned up to see him and co-stars Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix, Matt carried on with the play - until he heard fits of uncontrolled laughter from the wings and realised he was the victim of practical joke. His castmates had neglected to tall him the matinee had been put back until 4pm.

Thanks to Joaqrophenia for this news


05-07-Rain sighting 

Beanie Sigel, Dirty Vegas, Jimmy Fallon and members of the Mooney Suzuki were among those rubbing shoulders at the Entertainment Weekly "It List" party Monday night at Milk Studios in New York. Also on hand were Hayden Christensen, Scarlett Johansson, Rain Phoenix, Lara Flynn Boyle and our own Iann Robinson, who was named "It VJ." ... From HERE

& Rain was at The Second Anniversary Of Lotus Nightclub Party 26-06-2002 with Micheal Stipe


04-07-A picture from the premiere of Finding Forester from March 2002


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01-07-I got the magazine ELLE with Summer in it, you can read the article & see the pictures HERE, here is a bit out of it, these are her future plans Judging by her plans, Summer is one of those sickeningly creative types. Her next film project is at that delicate negotiations stage, but she still has a busy summer. In august, she hits the recording studio with big sister Rain ('She's doing an album and I've laid down some piano tracks for her'), and she's launching a recycled clothing line. 'My friend and I have been toying with the idea for ages.'


30-06-Summer is in the Swedisch Cosmopolitan, a small article with one picture saying that Summer is becoming a bigger movie star than River or Joaquin, thought she is younger. Then there was something about her past. Thanks Fani for this.


28-06-Summer was spotted at the Entertainment Weekly's "It List" party! Thanks Steve for this

Summer is in the magazine ELLE Juli 2002 

You can see the pictures on Marjorie  (very much thanks for letting me know this) her site Phoenix Forever, I will put on the article & pictures on here when I have the time to go to the store. Here are the links to the pictures 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 


20-06-I got some pictures from Summer in London HERE, a big thanks to Gal Pal for these pictures also for the 2 pictures from Rain HERE


17-06-Marjorie has put on 2 new pictures of Summer on her site Phoenix Forever, you can see them HERE


12-06-Marjorie met Summer, she went to see the play in London & got to meet Summer & Casey. She talked with them & got there autographs, you can see it here on her site Phoenix Forever Photos of her with Summer & Casey & her story. Also Marjorie with Adam, the one who replaced Matt Damon in the play

A review of the movie The Believer HERE