Shopgirl New York Post Online june 2003

The perfect new script for Summer The Telegraph may 2003

Summer In The City ELLE June 2002

Empire May 2002

Summer Arrives Venice Magazine 2002

The Days Of Summer May 2002

A Rising Star Culture April 2002

Chill, Sister Tatler April 2002

Sister Act, Too The Face April 2002

My Name Is Summer Phoenix Time Out London March-April 2002

Summer Shares Time Out New York March 2002 

Here Comes Summer The Guardian March 28, 2002

New York Daily News March 2002

My favorite table Interview March 2002

Endless Summer Details Februari 2002

The Spring of Summer from Interview Februari 2002

Summer Phoenix Builds Acting Career Februari 2002

Summertime: The Last Phoenix Takes Flight 2002

Summer Diet For Phoenix 

Article about Esther Kahn HERE

Happy Days Of Summer You, 25 November 2001

Holding hands With Summer Phoenix Interviewed by Casey Affleck Jalouse 2001

Summer Of Love Libération May 2000

Beyond Beauty Summer Phoenix Jane Pratt 1997

PETA A protest against the Fashion Awards in New York (from 23 october 2001) Here the affiche from it with Summer & Casey there name on it, click on it to see it large