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On Location with Matt!

May 24, 2002

MATT DAMON hopped on a plane this summer and flew to London to take part in the new play, "This is Our Youth."

ET sat down on location with the apple-cheeked star to get all the latest, from pal GWYNETH PALTROW's happenings to his new summer films -- the book-turned-thriller, 'The Bourne Identity,' and the animated feature, 'Spirit.'

ET: So you're in this play. How's it going?

MATT DAMON: The last two days, with this cold, it's been interesting just because I'm sniffling and coughing my way through it. But it's great, it's going great. It's a fantastic experience, it's everything that I wanted it to be definitely.

ET: How did you get involved in this?

MATT: It's not something I've done since college, but it's always something I've done and I was looking for the chance to do a play if a good one came along. CASEY AFFLECK was going off to do this play, and he told me and it sounded like an incredible thing to do. I was immediately jealous! Then SUMMER PHOENIX, his girlfriend, who's also another good friend of mine, took the other role in this play and I said, "What is this? Everyone's leaving New York, everyone's going off to London to have a good time without me!" Casey said, "Well there's another role in the play... " He handed me the play and I read it. I called the playwright and I talked to him for a while and signed up and that was it.

ET: When you walk around London, you think you're walking around Broadway these days with MADONNA, you, Casey and Summer. Have you seen any of what the other Americans are doing?

MATT: We, unfortunately, are on the same schedule as everybody else, so we can't see much. Gwyneth came and saw our show because her show started later than ours did, so she came and supported us. We unfortunately can't go and see her play because we unfortunately run at the same exact time.

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Summer is in the Culture magazine 28 april 2002, you can read & see the pictures HERE

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* Article about Esther Kahn

Film; Watching a Woman's Invention of Herself
February 24, 2002, Sunday
Arts and Leisure - 1320 words

ESTHER KAHN is a young heroine so stubborn and single-minded that even her creator is a little scared of her. ''She's the kind of girl that all the other girls hate,'' says Arnaud Desplechin, director of ''Esther Kahn,'' which is opening Friday in New York. ''She thinks that there's only one path you can take to becoming a human being like everybody else, with a precise set of directions. It's crazy. But I admire her.''

The film follows the journey of its title character, played by Summer Phoenix, which begins with an impoverished childhood in the Jewish quarter of late-19th-century London, where she's both a financial burden and a puzzle to her family. It continues through her career as a stage actress under the professional tutelage of a threadbare thespian, Nathan (Ian Holm), and the romantic tutelage of a drama critic and playwright, Philip Haygard (Fabrice Desplechin, the director's brother) and finally to a cathartic opening night in a production of ''Hedda Gabler.'' It may be one of the most harrowing sequences in contemporary cinema, giving a whole new dimension to the term ''stage fright.'' Simply put, this is a movie about a young woman giving birth to herself. The delivery is often hair-raising, but the experience is revelatory, for Esther and for the audience.

15-05-LONDON (AP) — Matt Damon will take a break from his performances at a London theater to join a U.S. promotional tour for his new movie.

Damon opened in "This Is Our Youth" on May 7 at London's Garrick Theater after two weeks of previews. He'll leave the play May 30 and fly to the United States to fulfill commitments to promote "The Bourne Identity," based on the Robert Ludlum spy novel.

A publicist for the Kenneth Lonergan play said Tuesday that the length of Damon's absence had not yet been finalized but the actor would definitely be back in London for the final curtain June 15.

Damon took over the lead role in the comedy about a trio of rich and wayward youths in New York from Hayden Christensen, who plays Anakin Skywalker in the upcoming "Star Wars" film.

He will be replaced by his understudy, British actor Adam Rayner. Damon's co-stars, Casey Affleck — brother of Damon's longtime collaborator, Ben Affleck — and Summer Phoenix, will continue in their roles.

12-05-Older news 26 March 2002 STARS’ FEARFUL FLIGHT


The stars took an AMERICAN AIRLINES flight from LA airport to New York's JFK on Tuesday (26MAR02), but as they approached the city, a storm kicked up.

After a couple of harrowing hours, the plane finally put down in Richmond, Virginia.

Rattled by all the turbulence, Damon, Affleck and Phoenix rented a car and drove to New York, while the other passengers flew out four hours later.

11-05-More pictures of Summer in London HERE & 19 new on stage pictures of "This Is Our Youth" HERE

10-05-I'm just back from London, I saw the play & I love it, Matt, Summer & Casey were fantastic, Matt had to laugh a few times.

I got the programme & HERE also the poster for it

HERE some more pictures of the play "This Is Our Youth"

*A revieuw of "This Is Our Youth" HERE

*Damon's West End debut 

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All in all, it's a bit of a Hollywood reunion - Kenneth Lonergan's play also stars Ben Affleck's brother Casey and Summer Phoenix - younger sister of Gladiator star Joaquin and the late River. The American trio replaced Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anna Paquin.

Summer Phoenix, who is also making her West End stage debut, was watched by her brother Joaquin in the coming-of-age tale. The production runs at the Garrick until June 15.

Mon May 6, 2:17 AM ET

By Richard Johnson

MATT Damon has scored a hit on the London stage playing an Upper West Side drug addict. He opened to strong reviews after replacing "Star Wars" star Hayden Christensen on Thursday in "This Is Our Youth," which co-stars Casey Affleck (brother of Ben) and his real-life girlfriend, Summer Phoenix (sister of Joaquin).

*Upcoming Film Releases: Weeks of May 6 & May 13
Mon May 6, 1:51 AM ET

HOLLYWOOD (Reuters) - An update of the U.S. film calendar for this week and next. Dates are subject to change, and films initially may open only in select cities, mentioned wherever possible.

May 17 * The Believer (LA/NY) (Dir: Henry Bean. Ryan Gosling, Summer Phoenix)

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03-05-"This Is Our Youth" Photocall, you can see the pictures HERE

An article about "This is Our Youth"