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13-11-Where do I start, been so long since I updated this site sorry

Somethings I had posted on my Joaquin Phoenix site, so I will just put them on here now, so it can be old news already

*Thanks to Marjorie Phoenix Forever for this news

A new article about Summer's boutique, Some Odd Rubies, READ HERE. Also the official site for her boutique Some Odd Rubies HERE

*FROM HERE sustainable style foundation * look fabulous, live well, do good

Today I finally, after waiting like three months having seen an article on them in the May Vogue (or was it April?), found the store Some Odd Rubies, a Ludlow St. boutique that gives new life to vintage clothing through a bit of 'artistic licence'. Call it vintage, recycled fashion, whatever you like - SSF loves it. One of our favorite mottos is "reduce, reuse, recyled, RESEW" and these guys are all over it. Summer Phoenix and Odessa Whitmore have their hands in things as two of the three partners, but it's obvious the place stands firmly on its own as it was a buzz on an otherwise quiet Sunday afternoon. Ruby, the third partner in the trio, was awesome (especially given that I had pretty much completely lost my voice from partying the night before) and seemed really into SSF. With folks like Some Odd Rubies and Tara Subkoff leading the way, hopefully recycled fashion will continue to take off.

More pictures of the shop HERE

*Summer & Casey at Maybach Presentation Cocktail Reception

*Sighting Rain

Bette Midler, center, poses with Rain Phoenix, left, and musician Moby, right, before attending Midler's sixth annual 'Hulaween' event to benefit the New York Restoration Project in New York, Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2003. The New York Restoration Project was founded by Midler in 1995 and is devoted to revitalizing and developing parks and community gardens

*Article Summer Phoenix Wants Casey Affleck's Kids FROM HERE

Actress Summer Phoenix is eager to seal her love with long-term boyfriend "Ocean's Eleven" star Casey Affleck by having a baby. The "Faculty" star - sister of "Gladiotor" actor Joaquin Phoenix and the late River Phoenix - has been dating Ben Affleck's younger brother for three years. She says, "Casey is the best thing, he's my best buddy, he's cool, he's awesome. "I want to start a family. My sister Rain has three kids and I definitely want cousins for them. I think Casey would make such a great dad. I want to have kids really soon."